Striking for Climate Action


It gets harder and harder to read the news. That is if you read or listen to independent news and not corporate owned mainstream media. It is the independent media that operates on donations from their readers who are talking at all about the Climate Crisis.

With the Climate Summit starting this weekend with the Youth Summit Saturday and the Climate Summit on September 23, lasting a week, it is all they are talking about. The facts are hard to take and the inaction on the pat of governments is paralyzing.

It is enough to make you want to curl up under the bed and hide. Perhaps that is what people have been doing for the last 50 years. We have had decades to prevent Climate Catastrophe and world governments and citizens, except for handfuls, have done nothing. That makes it even more depressing.

Well, you are not alone. Our inaction over the decades has now made the crisis a catastrophe and children are afraid and depressed, feeling powerless. That is how one girl in Sweden felt. Around the age of 8 or 9 she learned about Climate Change and read more about it as she got older. Of course it scared her and as she saw nothing being done abut it she fell into a depression. By the time she entered her teens she thought she would do something about it instead of just doing nothing and letting it happen. That girl is the now famous Greta Thunberg.

As she told Amy Goodman in an interview on Democracy Now, she became depressed because “I just thought that it was very strange that no one else was behaving in a logical way.” You know, like doing something, fighting for the future.

So she started standing in front of the Swedish parliament every day with a sign and giving out fliers that said “We children don’t usually do what you adults tell us to do. We do as you do. And since you don’t give a damn about my future, then I won’t, either. So I’m school-striking for the climate,”

She said it helped get her out of her depression. “I got in the climate movement, the better I feel, the happier I feel, because I feel like I’m doing something important, something meaningful. “

She not only helped herself out of her depression but has helped mobilize the world into action. She is offering an opportunity for all of us to get out of our depression. After all, depression is the flip side of unexpressed anger. There is no better way to express that anger and work off that energy than a good long march. Even several marches.

Children around the world have been striking every Friday for the Earth. The only thing missing have been the adults.

So the next two Fridays, September 20 and September 27 adults are encouraged to join the students in their strike and strike for the Earth, the vanishing species and our childrens’ future.

Find a Strike in your area at either of these two sites.

Global Climate Strike

Greta Thunberg’s site

Fridays for Future

If there isn’t one in your area find a spot with plenty of visibility and hold your sign up and/or pass out fliers. It will catch on if you stick with it.

One strike won’t fix it. Neither will two. It takes perseverance and stubbornness. Greta was ignored for a long time. No one even talked to her with her sign. Not even officials. Now that she has become famous suddenly officials want their pictures with her. She was alone for a long time but she stuck with it.

These students have told officials and the world they will continue to strike until something substantial is done. Not compromises”, not “baby steps” but exactly what scientists have told them to do. They will accept nothing less. And they shouldn’t. We shouldn’t.

Greta stood before the US Congress recently and told them “Please save your praise. We don’t want it,” she said. “Don’t invite us here to just tell us how inspiring we are without actually doing anything about it because it doesn’t lead to anything.

…If you want advice for what you should do, invite scientists, ask scientists for their expertise. We don’t want to be heard. We want the science to be heard.”

How many of you have called your Representative or Senators and told them to take real action on the Climate Crisis?

Depressed? Suck it up. We have a cure. This is about the entire planet. It is about the sixth mass extinction, entire species wiped out at an alarming unprecedented rate. It is about taking responsibility for what our species has done and continues to do.

So get in touch with that anger and start marching. Join these kids and show them you care.

We are heating up the planet faster than scientists had predicted. We are increasing our carbon emissions instead of deceasing them. We have exceeded their expectations in the wrong direction. We can just as easily exceed their expectations in the right direction. Through cutting emissions to net zero and mass reforestation and preservation. Restoring what we ravaged and stole from the Earth and its inhabitants. Rebuilding our economy into a sustainable and Earth friendly economy (instead of a life-sucking economy). Political change for public servants who do just that, serve the public. We can not only reach net zero emissions by 2050, we can exceed it. We can arrive faster than we think if we really want to. Why shoot for 1.5 C? Why not keep shooting for temperatures at pre-industiral times.? Let’s work to exceed scientists expectations for healing the planet.

So stop curling up and burying yourself in your cellphone, stop binge watching and get you bodies out there this Friday and next. Ski[p your play date at the dog park and march with you dogs in solidarity with Paws for Planet Earth. Support the kids in their fight which was our fight. Meet great people with the same concerns and feel better about yourself and the future. Get energized!

Forgotten Nations and Paws for Planet Earth stand behind these students and their strikes. We applaud them for their courage and persistence.

Find a strike near you or have your own. Greta started all alone on the street with a sign. Look how far she has come. Let’s help see her mission through. NOW not later. We’re out of time.

Remember, the house is on fire, this is not a drill….now go!

lobal Climate Strike

Greta Thunberg’s site

Fridays for Future

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