Jill Pearson




A native of South Florida, my lifelong love of animals and the natural world led me to obtain a Bachelors Degree in Biology at the University of Miami. Since then my skills and areas of expertise as an environmentalist have grown and expanded along with the sense of connectedness and joy I derive from nature. My experiences have included canoeing (I am Red Cross Certified) in the Everglades and Biscayne Bay, kayaking in Glacier Bay in Alaska, backpacking in Alaska, Field Researcher in Animal Behavior radio-tracking Timber Wolves in Superior National Forest and studying mockingbirds at the University of Miami (which was published in the Animal Behaviour Journal). I have been an Environmental Educator for children and adults at Old Cutler Hammock Nature Center, The Charles Deering Estate at Cutler, Everglades National Park, The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center and Monkey Jungle. I have assisted in Archaeological digs and surveys (published An Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Charles Deering Estate Park), and am presently the Environmental Author for the Earth Council newsletter and website, Web Designer, and of course, Wildlife Photographer. I now write for 2 sites, Forgotten Nations and A Dog's Blog. In all those capacities I have maintained my one desire, preserving the natural world.

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