A Halloween Scare

With the Climate Crisis bearing down on us, the Endangered Species Act continually gutted or ignored times keep getting more and more scary.

We are in the Sixth mass Extinction and it is human caused. That is why this Halloween Forgotten Nations is joining our friend Strider at A Dog’s Blog and the Center for Biological Diversity in their Extinction is Scary campaign.

In an effort to keep the momentum to protect Endangered Species and keep this crisis in the forefront, the Center for Biological Diversity is asking everyone to dress up this Halloween, October 31 as an Endangered Species and/or carve your pumpkin as an Endangered Species. Take a picture and post it to social media with the hashtags #ExtinctionisScary and #ProtectSpecies.

IMG_1225 sml

You can download printable masks to wear and templates for your pumpkins at their Extinction is Scary campaign page. Then On October 31 upload them with the hashtags and keep everyone talking abut this crisis.

At their site they also give other ways for you to get involved.

The gang at A Dog’s Blog is already involved. If the dogs and cats can do it so can you. Get everyone in on it.

We need to band together now more than ever. Not just in fun social media events like this to keep people talking about it. We also need to keep making the phone calls to our Representatives and Senators making ourselves very clear about where we stand when it comes to protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants.

So get involved, have fun and work to make it a less scary Halloween next year.

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