Adopt a Polar Bear for International Polar Bear Day It won’t cost you a dime

It is International Polar Bear Day again, February 27. So what have we done in the last year?

I won’t ask you to think about Polar Bears or their plight. You don’t have to think about the fact that Polar Bears have become an icon for Climate Catastrophe because the Arctic is impacted greater than other parts of the world causing greater and more rapid changes.

You don’t have to think about Polar Bears drowning because their hunting grounds, the sea ice, are melting or don’t even freeze enough in winter anymore so they are forced to swim greater distances to get from one ice sheet to another. Polar Bears are very good swimmers so that is very bad.

Disregard images of Polar Bears and their cubs starving to death rummaging through garbage piles to feed themselves rather than eating healthy food like seals and fish because they are no longer accessible to them._100491020_rhino_inf_640.png

Shake from your mind the thought that Polar Bears are now breeding with Brown Bears because their territories are overlapping now that Polar Bears are confined to land more since their ice sheets are disappearing.

Instead, adopt a Polar Bear. Be a sponsor, a guardian or better yet, a champion for a polar bear. Think of any Polar Bear or use an image of one like this,

Image by robynm on Pixabay

and champion that bear.


Care for, defend and protect that bear. Speak out and fight for that Polar Bear and its cubs like a mamma bear.

Sponsor a family.


Image by skeeze on Pixabay


So how can you do that?

Well, to start, why not call your Representatives, House and Senate, and ask them if they support the Green New Deal. If they do thank them, on behalf of your Polar Bear. Remind them it takes more than just supporting it, they have to implement it.

If they don’t, ask them why not. Why do they support pollution?

Let’s get down to the bare bones. Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Catastrophe, whatever you want to call it is all about pollution. Humans put pPolar Bears and all the other Arctic habitats and species in danger with decades of unchecked pollution and development. Yes, it’s our fault. So it is our responsibility to correct the wrong.

Turning Climate Catastrophe around involves cleaning up the air, land and water. In other words, cleaning up our act.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came out with a report last year stating we have 12 years to make dramatic changes to keep the Earth’s temperature to 1.5 ºC above pre-industrial levels. It will take “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society”. Notice there is no mention of “compromise” or “first steps” or “baby steps”. That was 40 years ago. We are out of time.

We had decades to stop Climate Catastrophe but didn’t. Now we ae just trying to limit it to 1.5º C. If we are smart enough to do that then we can and should work on reversing it back to pre-industrial levels.

Anyone who is opposed to doing anything about Climate Catastrophe is opposed to ending pollution and over development and mass extinction. They are opposed to clean air, water and land.

So if they are not backing the Green New Deal and planning on putting it to real action now they support and probably profit from polluting the Earth and endangering your Polar Bear.

Don’t just call on International Polar Bear Day. Call periodically. Once a week, every couple weeks. Remind your Representative you are still supporting the Green New Deal and waiting to hear how it will be implemented very, very soon. If they still don’t support it remind them you are more than willing to fire them.

After all, you have an adopted family to think of.

Adopting a Polar Bear won’t cost you a dime…only time…which they no longer have.

Carry around a picture of your Polar Bear to remind you someone is depending on you for their well-being, their very life.

So champion a Polar Bear and make a few calls. It only takes a few minutes out of your day, International Polar Bear Day.

I think it’s the least we can do, don’t you?

A little prayer wouldn’t hurt as well.


Image by Dobi78 on Pixabay


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