Taxes and Mindfulness

The first couple of weeks in April are very difficult and stressful for many Americans. If you don’t have the money to pay someone to handle your income tax headaches for you, you suffer through it yourself. Gathering all the paperwork necessary, filling out the tax form, gathering more paperwork you didn’t think you needed, etc. For some figuring out these seemingly irrational tax forms can take hours or days.

It is easy to loose your mind, let alone loose your center and feel off balance. It is a much dreaded annual event.

After you make it through the endless forms it is time to straighten out your mind and get it back on a normal, straight-forward, logical thinking pattern again. What better way to do that than with getting in touch with your roots. A little mindfulness Nature’s way will get you back feeling like a living functioning being in no time.

Find a place outdoors, whether it is in your back yard or a park with a forest or trails. Find a nice peaceful comfortable place to sit. Or walk around until you find something or someone (an animal) who catches your interest.

Take three nice long deep breaths. Not hyperventilating like you have been doing the last couple of days.

And now…sit, wait, watch and listen. Just sit quietly and watch. Watch the leaves in the trees blowing in the wind. See how the sun illuminates the leaves and shines through. Watch a squirrel, beetle or butterfly. Any animal. Loose yourself in their activities.

Sit, wait, watch and listen © 2005 Jill Pearson

Be aware of the Nature sounds around you, wind in the leaves, bids, rustling leaves on the ground as lizards run across them.

Immerse yourself in their more logical, rational world where things make sense. As far as we know at Forgotten Nations humans are still the only animal who does taxes.

Take some time to return Home again, get yourself reconnected, relax and breath again.

Now you are ready to go back to your human world again…or not. Well, maybe stay a little longer.

Reconnect with Nature and all Her inhabitants Tax Free!

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